I'm Eduardo Moreno Adanez

I am a student, a full-stack developer, designer, and a tech enthusiast. I love creating products that help people live more enjoyable lifes and love open source work.

My Skills

From Backend to Frontend.

I'm a full-stack developer with experience in multiple languages, from JS/TS to Dart and Java, I love creating experiences that make people's lives easier.

My Experience.

From solving a small nudge to helping people find themselves I am excited to design, code and iterate on ideas that will improve people's lives. I am also pasionate about Open Source work, which means that many of my projects are open-soruce.

Gatego by Wego Technologies

Co-founder and CTO of Wego, we developed the next-gen software for yard management operations, revolutionizing the insutrie and improving workflows from start to finish, saving people time and money.

Feature 01

Sidekick / Companion for Flutter

Sidekick is the must-have app for professional Flutter developers, allowing them to manage all their projects. Blissful user interface and fully open source!

Feature 02


The fastest, most intuitive European COVID-19 vaccination certificate checker. Supports all platforms and even barcode scanners.

Feature 03

My Design Portfolio

From desktop to mobile I have vast experience creating intuitive and modern experiences. Check out my Figma to discover full app prototypes and designs.

Feature 01

Stanford Carta

Used by 95% of the student population to help them plan for their classes and stanford journeys. I am part of the frontend team.


Updat is the ultimate update handler for Flutter desktop apps. It's lean, customizable and easy to implement.

Stanford TAPS

Supervised and managed performances. From CAD to programming, the work must be done on time and work.

Hello, me (and Wifi).

This is me and my dog, Wifi. The name came from a joke as opposed to it coming from my passion for technology, but it does give way to a lot of funny jokes.

I was born in Madrid, Spain and have always attended english-speaking schools, both British and American. Both English and Spanish are first languages for me.

Feature 04
Follow me, maybe

My Socials

As mostly everyone in this day and age, I have social media! You can follow me to see things I find interesting.